There are no known massive oceans in the world, only a few great lakes and seas.

In the north, there lies an arctic forest where Orcs live. They sometimes raid the south and have an ongoing war with the elves.

South of that, lie the plains and steppes where many tribes of nomadic humans make their home.

Near the center of the world, there are grand deserts around the equator where Dwarves live.

Somewhere in the middle, there’s a great sea which most of the cities have been build around. The sea allows for trade between these cities and has contributed to their growth. The biggest of these border cities is the city of Skargos, which is a part of the empire of Skargos Empire and in the province of Tavin. The city of Skargos has walls that are hundreds of feet high and the city itself is divided into different districts.

To the south lie the great jungles known for containing numerous ancient ruins. These ancient ruins appear a thousand years old and are believed to be of a civilization that focused on scientific endeavors more than magic, also experimented with alchemy. Orcs are believed to occupy the jungles, although these reports are unconfirmed


Skargos Empire




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